2AM Ramblings - 2.11.2019

Sometimes, deep into the night, I get the sudden urge to do something. Something stupid, usually, like buying yet another Switch game (hello Best Buy cart with two Labo sets). But tonight, tonight I thought “I wanna start a blog!” So here we are, I've impulsively purchased a domain to contain my crazy 2AM ramblings about the Big N. Daily Nintendo is a nice name, right?

Contrary to the name, this blog is certainly not going to be daily. It might not even be weekly! But I’d like to use this space to take a deep dive on Nintendo’s upcoming lineups, their fiscal performances, and whatever other inane musings that end up occupying my brain. Also, maybe I’ll keep track of my backlog here; there’s over a hundred games on my Switch and I’ve finished nearly none of them! Plus, a place to post all my podcasts would be nice. Did you know I have THREE?

Anyway, that’s all for now. A Direct should be upon us soon, which presents the perfect opportunity for my first “real” post! Until then, see ya!

(By the way, for anyone who has suggestions for designing this webpage I’d love to take feedback! This site is currently super barebones and I want to make it pretty).


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